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Sherman Gallery Framing - Venice Beach

Framing is an important part of the overall presentation of art & design. Your art deserves to be presented with beautiful custom framing designed specifically to complement the unique colors & style of your piece.

Our framing experts will work closely with you to design the perfect frame and mount for your artwork. You can choose from:

  • Over 3,000 frame samples

  • Over 100 samples of hand crafted closed corner frames

  • Large selection of colored archival matting in any width

  • Glass or Plexiglass

With such a huge range of custom framing options, we are able to accommodate just about any style and budget

Custom Framing for All Kinds of Artwork

Our expert frame artists are able to provide custom framing for all kinds of artwork such as:

  • Oil and acrylic paintings

  • Watercolor, pastel, graphite and original works on paper

  • Prints and limited editions

  • Fine art photography

  • Textile art

  • Canvas Stretching

  • Framed Posters

  • Memorabilia, such as sports jerseys, diplomas, certificates

Our team understands the specific techniques and materials that must be used for each type of artwork, given the media used and your goals for conservation. Archival custom framing is actually one of our specialties, so do not hesitate to ask about how we can help preserve and protect your art for decades to come using acid-free and UV-protected materials.

Glass and Plexiglass Frames

Plexiglass is lightweight Lucite and if it breaks, artwork falls off the wall or the like-it won't shatter. It does however scratch a little bit easier than glass and requires different cleaning techniques and solutions.

Glass Frames

  • Regular Glass- 45% UV Protection

  • U.V. Glass- 99% UV Protection

  • Non-Reflection Glass (Non-Glare)- 45% UV Protection

  • U.V. Non-Reflection Glass (Non-Glare)- 99% UV Protection

  • Museum Quality Glass - 99% UV Protection

Plexiglass Frames

  • Regular Plexi - 66% UV Protection

  • U.V. Plexi - 99% UV Protection

  • Non-Reflection Plexi (Non-Glare)- 66% UV Protection

  • U.V. Non-Reflection Plexi (Non-Glare)- 99% UV Protection

  • Museum Quality Plexi - 99% UV Protection

Get Started Today

If you have a custom framing project you need help with stop in and visit us. One of our experienced frame artists will be happy to help you get your project started. We have framed some pretty amazing things and have come up with some fun solutions for odd art. So, if you have any questions or are looking for anything specific, give us a call or shoot us an email on our Contact page.