Poster Framing


This is a sample of our $19.99 metal poster frame special (Sizing up to 16" X 20"). We have about 10 different colors and a few different styles. The special includes labor, regular glass and standard non-archival mounting. This is a great option for movie poster, kid's art or for a quick frame solution on something that is oddly sized.

If your poster is larger than 16" X 20", don't sweat it, we still offer great pricing on these frames for larger sized artwork.



One of the best things about custom picture framing is that you are not restricted. If you want to go a little crazy or if you are trying to match a style or a piece of furniture, you can. Just because something is a poster does not mean that you are limited in your aesthetic choices.



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You can also add a mat when necessary to increase the borders on the piece and add space and depth to the artwork.

8ply & 4ply.jpg

This is an example of a standard 4-ply thickness mat board and an 8-ply extra thick mat board.

8-ply mat boards add increased depth to the artwork and are mostly used on photographs. 4-ply mats are available in hundreds of colors and are available archival and not archival.

Both thicknesses can be used on most artwork to add depth, interest and added protection to your artwork.



The picture above shows you the 4 ways that a mat board can be used on your art.

The artwork can sit directly on top of the mat, this is called floating the art and is shown in the top right example.

The bottom right of the picture shows a pedestal. A pedestal is when a 4-ply mat board or foam board is attached to the back of the artwork and then the artwork is attached to a mat board and some of the mat board is left showing beyond the artwork, this gives the effect that the art is floating on top of the mat.

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The same floating concept is also used on 3-D objects. In this case the artwork is adhered to the mat board using either a clear line or various types of glues.

The idea is also to make the artwork look as if it is floating on the back board.

Even if the object you are trying to frame is oddly shaped or heavy, we have a solution for it.



We offer many choices of glass and plexi glass.

Plexi glass is lightweight Lucite and if it breaks, artwork falls off the wall or the like-it won't shatter. It does however scratch a little bit easier than glass and requires different cleaning techniques and solutions.


Regular Glass- 45% UV Protection

U.V. Glass- 99% UV Protection

Non-Reflection Glass (Non-Glare)- 45% UV Protection

U.V. Non-Reflection Glass (Non-Glare)- 99% UV Protection

Museum Quality Glass (Pictured on right side in above photo)- 99% UV Protection


Regular Plexi- 66% UV Protection

U.V. Plexi- 99% UV Protection

Non-Reflection Plexi (Non-Glare)- 66% UV Protection

U.V. Non-Reflection Plexi (Non-Glare)- 99% UV Protection

Museum Quality Plexi (Pictured on right side in above photo)- 99% UV Protection


We have framed some pretty amazing things and have come up with some fun solutions for odd art. So, if you have any questions or are looking for anything specific, give us a call or shoot us an email on our contacts page.


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